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Quality geologic mapping is fundamental to many projects: mineral exploration, quarry expansion, or roadway construction to name but a few. A successful mineral exploration program, for example, requires a thorough understanding of the structural and lithological controls on mineralization. Such an understanding can only be gained through detailed geologic mapping in the early stages of an exploration program. A quality geologic map provides a unique focus to the program and it conveys the importance as well as economic potential of a project to sponsors. GMRE geologists are experienced in generating high-quality maps and related reports in a time-efficient manner. Laboratory analysis often done in conjunction with our field-oriented projects and includes petrographic microscopy of thin sections and interpretation of x-ray and other data.

Field-related Expertise

  • Detailed bedrock mapping in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic terrains
  • Mapping of glacial and other surficial deposits
  • Mapping of alteration zones to identify mineralization boundaries
  • General field assessments and reconnaissance
  • Sample collection and data analysis
  • Supervision of diamond core drilling operations
  • Due diligence studies and expert testimonies
  • Slope stability evaluations
  • Investigation of sinkholes
  • Drill core logging
  • Evaluations of exploration properties
  • Exploration
  • Resource estimation
  • Due diligence reviews of geological interpretations and resource estimates
  • Analysis of geologic structures, including three-dimensional interpretations
  • Resource evaluations and delineations
  • Regional resource potential evaluations
  • Core Logging
  • Geological interpretation of data
  • Drilling project management and field supervision
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Geological analysis and reports
  • Peer review of technical reports

Special Areas of Expertise

  • Evaluation of "acid rock" exposures and potential ARD sites, including: site characterization, risk assessment, and assistance with remediation efforts. Development and application of a cost-effective Acid-Cure Slurry to remediate ARD problems.
  • Marcellus, Utica and other black shales: geology and sampling of exposures in central Pennsylvania. We have sampled more than 150 surface localities and developed an associated database.
  • Exploration studies for rare igneous rocks: kimberlites, lamprophyres, lamproites, carbonatites. Recovery of kimberlite indicator minerals (e.g., pyrope, picroilmenite) and mapping of intrusions and diatremes.
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